What is the Link Between Tripe and the Manchester Motor Industry?

UCP Hot Tripe For Cold Days poster

Now much derided, tripe was a popular choice for working-class families as it was both cheap and nutritious. At the forfront of the Lancashire tripe-trade at the beginning of the twentieth century was United Cattle Products (UCP), who had several factories, shops and restaurants around Manchester, linked by a small fleet of lorries.

UCP Lorry fleet

During the First World War fuel restrictions were in place. In order that tripe could still be delivered Mr Hill, one of the founders of UCP, modified a carburetter to use coal gas instead of petrol. Acording to the company’s silver jubilee pamphlet the lorries carried the slogan:


So sucessful was Hill’s carburetter that it was supplied to other firms during the war. In 1919 UCP started the Sherwood Motor Engineering Co. Ltd. to repair and maintain motor vehicles, whilst also making processing machines such as “Special Tripe-Cleaning Machines”.

The information for this blog comes from United Cattle Products Silver Jubilee pamphlet which can be viewed at the Museum of Science and Industry Archive.


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