The first motor car built in Manchester?

In my first month of research I have been browsing the archives at the Museum of Science and Industry. Amongst other things, I came across this Manchester Evening News letter from 1968.

MEN 1968

It’s written by an A. Higginbottom about a car built by his Granddad and Uncles in Beswick, 1885, which might be the first car ever built in Manchester. The cartoon of this car is drawn from a faded picture, which I am yet to discover…

An artists impression of the 1895 Holland Bros. Car

If this was the first car built in Manchester it would be particularly significant as it precedes the Locomotives on Highways Act of 1896 which removed the strict speed limit rules on motorised vehicles (essentially 4mph rural and 2mph urban limit, including a person walking in front with a red flag).

More research is needed to discover the truth about the ‘car with a tin-can carburettor’.


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